InnerDialogue is the name that summarises various techniques that have been developed over time by Solihin Thom. The Arbeitsgemeinschaft Kinesiologie represents the InnerDialogue faculty in Austria. Our association sets course guidelines and creates the current curriculum.  Essentially InnerDialogue represents the work that facilitates

  • making contact with oneself
  • being with what (truly) is 
  • communicating and expressing one’s inner self
  • an inner connection with oneself and with others

The methodical approach used in all our courses is known as ontological kinesiology, a particular muscle testing protocol which has evolved from Applied and Clinical Kinesiology. With this approach, the muscle test serves solely as a feedback system whereby it confirms which life force or dynamic is currently on display.

An inner life is expressed through the body as well and so physical contact can also help towards more awareness. Cranio-sacral work offers a perspective by which we can consciously be in touch with the way life expresses itself through the body.

Essentially in all the courses one gets familiar with the Life Forces which are at work in the human organism and in our wider systems (family, realtionships, work etc).

We offer 3 Diploma courses which can be attended individually in any order, depending on which aspects are of main interest.

  1. Ontological Kinesiology
  2. Cranial Fluid Dynamics
  3. Being Human Constellation

You can read more about how InnerDialogue is represented internationally, here.